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Lately I have been posting more regularly on my Substack page Passport Stamps as the platform is a little more user friendly for distributing posts. I have been remiss in cross posting here, so I am catching up now. Some of the content on Passport Stamps is free, other content is for paid subscribers. Obviously, I encourage you to subscribe!

My most recent post discusses the war in Ukraine and reasons why a no-fly zone or other U.S./NATO intervention is unlikely. I also discuss the recent sham trial and sentencing of my friend Felix Maradiaga in Nicaragua. Dictator Ortega detained Felix and other opposition members last summer and just sentenced Felix to 13 years in jail on bogus charges.

On March 2, I posted that I believe that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is the beginning of his end. It could take years for it to play out and could be gruesome and tragic for Ukraine, but Putin has rallied the international community against Russia like never before, and the isolation and economic harm will cause people to turn on Putin sooner or later.

In this post, I discuss how Putin used the U.S. invasion of Iraq and U.S. support for Kosovo's independence as templates for his actions in Georgia and Ukraine in 2008 and 2014, and ultimately as a model for his 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Again, please sign up and subscribe to Passport Stamps and I will make sure I am cross posting to this site.

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